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2013 ~ Now

  • 2021 Developed 4.5kW & 32kW SSPA and to be supplied to POSTECH
  • 2020 Developed 1,800W liquid-cooled HPA
  • Developed and supplied 30kW liquid-cooled UHF DTV transmitter Main&Alternative system and UHF antenna system
  • Supplied 100kW Main&Alternative mid-wave AM transmitter and antenna system to FEBC
  • 2019~18 Supplied UHD TV(ATSC 3.0) transmitters to KBS, MBC, SBS and G1
  • Exported 2.5kW liquid-cooled DTV transmitter to the Philippines
  • 2017 The government’s development project was successfully completed, 5kW UHD TV transmitter
  • 2016 Developed and supplied high power liquid-cooled DTV and UHD(ATSC 3.0) TV transmitter
  • 2015 Developed UHF Doherty amplifier and transmitter


  • 2016~13 Exported DTV transmitters to the U.S.A & Mexico(ATSC), Cambodia(DVB-T2), Philippines & Paraguay(ISDB-T)
  • Successful SFN test for ATSC 3.0 RF method(first time in the world)
  • 2013 Hidden Champions of Broadcasting Equipment in Korea(Korea Radio Promotion Association)
  • 2012~10 Supplied DTV transmitter(1kW and 100W) Main&Alternative system and antenna system for TV digitalizing in Korea(over 800 systems)
  • The government’s development project was successfully completed, 2.5kW DTV transmitter
  • 2010~9 Developed DTV(ATSC) exciter cooperating with KBS
  • 2002 Supplied DTV translator to KBS and SBS(first time in Korea)
  • 1999 Developed low power DTV transmitter
  • 1995 Established