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Patch Panels

Auto Changeover & U-Link System

Description Specifications
   Frequency Range      0.5MHz – 860MHz
   Impedance      50 ohm
   V.S.W.R      ≤ 1 : 1.05
   Port Type      1 5/8” & 3 1/8” (Lever Type)
   Number of Port      3 Port ~ 12 Port
   Insertion Loss      < 0.3 dB
   Isolation, Any Port      > -70 dB
   Interlocks U-Link      Included
   Dimensions & Weight      Various

Low Noise Amplifier

A Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) is a device to amplify low noise signals in weak reception areas. It consists of an LNA body and a power supply unit. The LNA body consists of a filter that selects the use frequency from the receiving signals and an amplifier that amplifies signals, and there is a down transformer inside of the power supply unit. The filter has an additional function, Notch, which can be used to remove other strong surrounding signals.

Antenna System Lightning Protector

Lightning protector for towers and antennas