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AM transmitter site at Daebu Island FEBC in Korea (2020)


AM/FM Transmitter

Established in 1969, Nautel has over 50 years experience in creating highly innovative products and has earned a reputation as a world leader in the design, manufacture, sales and support of high power, solid state RF products for radio broadcast.

More than 16,000 customers in 177 countries rely on Nautel’s RF solutions — systems that meet stringent quality standards at our ISO 9001 registered manufacturing facilities in Canada and U.S.A., and perform in harsh climates ranging from arctic, to desert, to jungle.

Today, Nautel offers the world’s broadest portfolio of solid state digital and analog radio transmitters with models ranging from 1 kW to 2,000 kW MW and 300 W to 88 kW FM. We were the first manufacturer to offer commercial DRM+ transmitters and lead the way in HD Radio innovation.

Shively Labs

FM Antenna

Shively Labs was founded in 1963 by radio electronic pioneer, Ed Shively. Ed was instrumental in the development of FM and TV antennas and combiners for RCA, and later Dielectric Communications, where he served as head of its research and development team. In 1963, Shively founded Shively Labs, where he developed a full line of FM broadcast antennas and combiners as well as developed specialized RF equipment and techniques for both military and civilian customers. In 1980, Shively merged his business into Howell Laboratories where he remained active until his retirement eight years later.

The combination of Shively’s innovative RF engineering capabilities with Howell’s experience designing to demanding Military Specifications and manufacturing under tight process controls has given Shively an uncommon ability to manufacture broadcast antennas for the world’s most extreme weather environments.

Today Shively Labs continues to sell and service equipment to customers in over 100 countries around the world from our engineering and manufacturing facility in Bridgton, Maine.

Kintronic Labs, Inc.

AM/MW Antenna & ATU

Kintronic Labs inc (KTL) has been serving the worldwide broadcast market with top quality AM/Medium Wave antenna system products and services for 70 years.  KTL has grown from a small consulting and manufacturing business started by Louis A. King, PE in 1949 to a leading supplier of state-of-the-art HD and DRM digital-capable AM/Medium Wave radio broadcast transmission systems for transmitter power levels ranging from 1 kW to 1000kW+.

From concept to on-air KTL have the tools and resources to help guide you through the decision-making process to determine the most cost efficient solution for your radio broadcast transmission system needs.  Our engineering staff are capable of designing single frequency or multiple-frequency non-directional or directional antenna patterns, which can be inserted in our propagation software to yield daytime groundwave and nighttime skywave as well as fade zone coverage prediction maps.   Using the final antenna system design from the propagation study results the KTL engineering team utilize our inhouse developed CKTNET and ARRAYPAT engineering design software tools that enable them to develop an RF component network topology and overall system design that is optimized to yield the best end-to-end performance from the studio produced audio to the receiver reception in the listener’s ear.

For the purpose of the repair and maintenance of existing AM/Medium Wave broadcast transmission systems KTL also offer consultation services and replacement parts to keep your station running with minimum down time.  Any type of custom RF component or assembly is possible utilizing  the extensive KTL manufacturing capabilities, including sheet metal fab, mig and tig welding, CNC machining, baked enamel paint facility and electro-mechanical assembly and test.

Exir Broadcasting

Patch Panels & Filters

Patch Panels
Exir Broadcasting provides you with everything you need to build truly flexible broadcasting systems. We offer both standard and customized patch panels with standard or Quick Release U-links. With integrated power splitters or only the patch panel that will make your job both faster and easier without compromising system reliability.
Each patch panel or system is 100% factory tested, and a copy of the test data is supplied with every shipment. Exir Broadcasting continues to lead the way with its broad range of compact patch panels designed to meet worldwide specifications and needs.

Exir Broadcasting offers a complete range of filters to cover the international broadcasting frequency bands.
Whether you require filter for traditional analogue or digital operation we offer widely proven, cost-effective solutions.
In addition, Exir Broadcasting provides custom engineering to meet individual needs and client specifications. All Exir Broadcasting´s filters meet demanding quality standards, providing superior reliability, performance and stability for years of trouble-free operation.

Each filter or system is 100% factory tested, and a copy of the test data is supplied with every shipment. Exir Broadcasting continues to lead the way with its broad range of compact filters designed to meet worldwide digital standards and specifications.

Inovonics, Inc.

FM Receiver

For over 48 years Inovonics has maintained its position as a market leader of cost effective and innovative broadcast products. Inovonics specializes in professional broadcast quality Audio Processors, AM | FM Modulation Monitors, RDS Encoders, and off-air monitoring equipment for AM | FM | RDS | HD Radio | DAB+ | Internet Radio. Inovonics´ products are designed, manufactured, and assembled in-house in Felton, California (USA) to insure quality from start to finish. Inovonics products include factory warranty and premiere after sales support.

Burk Technology

Remote Control

Burk Technology designs and manufactures high quality transmitter facility control systems for the broadcast industry, with thousands of active radio and TV installations across the US and around the world. Founded in 1985, Burk brings over 35 years of innovation and continuous improvement to transmitter remote control, setting the standards for reliability, flexibility, and ease of operation.

Kabelwerk Eupen AG

RF Cables

Eupen Cable is the most traditional but still the largest business unit of Kabelwerk Eupen AG and a European leader in the production of cables and wires of various types. Our more than one hundred years of experience have resulted in a broad and high-quality product assortment. This ranges from medium-voltage and low-voltage cables, control and instrumentation cables, railway signal cables to telecommunications cables, and ensures a secure energy supply and communication in modern industrial society.

Our coaxial cable design, based on the use of high-quality cellular low-density foam and high-grade corrugated copper outer conductor, paired with 50 years manufacturing experience, guarantees cables of unrivalled performance. Amongst other things, our coaxial cables are characterized by very low attenuation, optimum bending behaviour and very low VSWR. In addition to coaxial cables, Eupen Cable also provides connectors, jumper cables, cable preparation tools and mounting accessories from a single source. Thanks to perfectly matched products, the combination of Eupen coaxial cables with Eupen connectors and jumper cables ensures a first-class and intermodulation-free connection between base station (BTS) and antenna.


Bandpass Filters & Combiners

COM-TECH is an Italian leading company that designs and develops high-end RF passive components and supplies products and services to customers in more than 50 Countries around the world.
The main business areas are Digital (DVB-T, ATSC, ISDB-T) and Analog Broadcast TV, Digital (DAB, T-DMB) and Analog (FM) Broadcast Radio, Industrial, Scientific and Medical.
COM-TECH manufactures Bandpass Filters, Channel Combiners, Hybrid Couplers, Multicouplers and Splitters, Patch Panels, Dry Loads, Rigid Lines, Connectors, Flanges, Elbows, Adapters, and Accessories.